The car was originally built in 1972, although it has been updated several times,
with a 13" extension to the rear section of the chassis to accommodate a 3 speed
transmission and a replacement body in 1980 to replace the previous rather tatty
one, also a new roll cage in line with rule changes at the time.

Over the years the car's development has brought forth fruit, steadily improving
the car's ET year by year starting in 1972 with an 11 second ET, by 1980 the car
became the first All British Dragster to run under 8 seconds with a string of 7.80
second ET's. This also made the car the first dragster anywhere in the world
under 5 litres to run 7 seconds.

Through to the 90's where the car has run consistent 7.20 second runs and still using
only modified standard engine parts.

The car is one of the most successful dragsters in Europe and quite often races
in the 6 litre catagory with fair success. The car has featured in several cinema files,
adverts and pop videos, photos of the car have also been used on sleeves of LP records.

Championships and Wins are numerous and as follows:
Year Title Record Set Time Other Info.
1974 Silverstone Castrol Elem' Win     FIRST WIN
1975 NDRC Senior Champion      
1976 NDRC Senior Champion      
1977 NDRC Senior Champion New Record 8.70 ET  
1978 BDRHRA Senior Champion New Record 8.63 ET  
1979 BDRHRA Senior Champion New Record 8.48 ET  
1980 BDRHRA Senior Champion New Record 8.30 ET  
1980 NDRC Senior Champion New Record 8.30 ET  
1980 BDRA New Record 7.98 ET WORLD RECORD
1981 BDRA Top Dragster Champion New Record 7.71 ET  
1982 BDRA Top Dragster Champion   7.68 ET  
1982 RAC Champion   7.68 ET  
1982 Runner Up Le Mans Top Fuel Challenge      
1983 Euro Champion (GERMANY)      
1985 NDRA (MARSTON) New Record 7.80 ET  
1986 NDRA Trans Atlantic Champion (MARSTON) New Record 7.76 ET  

Year Title Record Set Austria 1/8th Germany 1/4 Holland 1/8th
1987 Euro Eliminator Win Set Records 4.86 7.63 5.10
1988 Euro Champion New Records      
1989 Euro Champion New Records 4.81 7.58 5.00
1990 Euro Runner Up New Records 4.71 7.20 4.90