Registered Race No: TC7
Vehicle Type: Dragster
BEST ET and Speed: 7.2 seconds	179.9 MPH
Chassis make & construction Style: Russ Carpenter - Rear Engined Built 1972
Wheelbase: 213"
Body Make, Year & Construction Style: Full Aluminium Dennis Priddle Built 1980
Engine Make & Size: Daimler 2.5 155 c.i.
Transmission Make: B&J 3 speed
Rear Axle Make : 9" Ford
Gear Ratios: 3.90
Wheel Make: Centerline Rears, Russ Carpenter Spoke Fronts
Slicks Make & Size: M&H 17x33 5x16
Supercharger & Fuel system: GMC 3.71 Charger Russ Carpenter Endle Style
Fuel: Nitro 85%+

The car is powered by a Daimler 2.5 litre V8 engine
producing 1500 horse power (approx.) and uses a mixture
of Nitro Methane and Methanol as fuel, costing more than
30 per gallon. The dragster sprints the  mile strip
(400 meters) in just 7.20 seconds at a speed of 179.9 MPH
(288 KPH) and in perfect race conditions has been computed
to accelerate up to 100 MPH in 1.20 seconds. The car consumes
11 litres of fuel during the  mile race, this is the equivalent
 of 10 gallons per mile.